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1)  Can I buy media from Filtertek?

Filtertek specializes in the design and development of filtration components and fluid control devices, not in the manufacture of material. Filtertek actually purchases media from various outside vendors to meet your specifications and requirements for your application. However, we would be happy to send you a media sample for a program we are working on with you. Find out more about Filtertek's material expertise.
2)  What type of medias do you work with?

Nylons, polyesters, stainless steel are typical. Find out more about Filtertek's material expertise.

3)  Do you have a standard product that will fit in my application?

We do offer a limited selection of standard products for the various markets and we'll be more than happy to see if one will work in your application. We've found, however, that often times in unique applications, to receive the optimum performance from the product a custom designed product should be considered. There are some cases where a cone, disk or cylinder style filter may fit, but the chances are th filter media may not fit the application from a functional or compatibility perspective.

4)  What software do you use for engineering development?

ProE, Unigraphics, CadKey, CF Design (Finite Element Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Solver). Learn more about our custom development capabilities.

5)  Do you outsource your tooling?

Filtertek has a full service tooling center in-house where molds are built and repaired by experienced journeymen. Our tooling center operates 24 hours a day for around the clock service. We've also developed alliances with outside tool houses so we can provide flexibility and quick turnaround even when our in-house staff becomes booked.

6)  What are typical lead times for tools and parts?

Prototype single cavity: 6 to 10 weeks; Production: 20 to 30 weeks - depending upon complexity. Each job needs to be reviewed and quoted on an individual basis.

7)  Why do you have minimum order quantities?

Filtertek has optimized our manufacturing centers through the development of highly automated equipment. This equipment allows us to produce very high volumes of product quickly and at the highest levels of quality. Smaller volumes runs simply aren't cost effective for our customers.

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