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About Filtertek Filtertek: Proactive, solution-driven custom development
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About Filtertek

Filtertek designs and manufactures custom filters for major OEMs across the globe. Our advanced manufacturing processes allow us to create products in any shape or configuration from simple traditional components to highly complex devices.  We have the experience to take on whatever you bring to us whether its building upon an existing design concept or providing a unique solution based upon specific performance requirements.  We provide a comprehensive range of services including design, modeling, prototyping, building, and testing.

Have an unusual need? Filtertek can help.

With our experience in product development and design, we can help you establish your application requirements and translate your design ideas into a cost-effective component for your specific application.

It's this proactive, solution-driven custom development that helps you achieve optimal results. From concept to finished product, you'll receive a host of value-added services that translate into a superior product, a competitive price, and a low-variability product that meets spec in every respect.

We put these same value-driven programs into the development of our own standard products. Purchase a standard component from Filtertek, and once again you're assured of maximum performance for the best value.

Creative, experience-based design support. Excellence in workmanship. Timely deliveries. Efficient service. These are just some of the reasons Filtertek is the first choice for leading OEMs in the automotive and commercial markets.

Contact us today and start putting Filtertek's resources to work for you!


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