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Since 1965, Filtertek has been designing and manufacturing filters for the automotive and commercial markets. History is proof that we consistently create filtration solutions that meet or exceed customer requirements for performance, durability, delivery, and cost.

Our reputation for advanced manufacturing and problem solving capabilities has brought us to a leadership position in the industry. Our clients expect the highest quality, best-value products and know that they can depend on us for thorough testing, timely delivery, and continued product support.

1965 Founded in Chicago as Nylon Filter Corporation
1968 Relocated to Hebron, Illinois
1975 Opened Puerto Rico manufacturing plant
1981 Acquired AMFG French business
1982 Opened Irish Plant
1983 Company went public
1987 Opened German sales & engineering office
1989 Opened new Puerto Rico plant
1992 Schawk Inc. acquired majority interest
1997 ESCO acquisition
1999 Established Filtertek do Brazil
2003 Closed Puerto Rico plant, established Mexico manufacturing center
2007 ITW acquisition


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