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The promise of dramatic cost savings has attracted many manufacturers to source overseas. However, not all companies are prepared for the unknown expenses and complications associated with international sourcing. Longer lead times, inventory challenges, operating more complex supply chains, and greater business risks all contribute to the overall cost of the project.

Time and again, we see companies opting to take their opportunities overseas only to see them return some time later after they saw their product cost savings eroded by unanticipated global supply chain costs.

At Filtertek, we can offer you the security and backing of a U.S. based company with the lower labor costs and logistical benefits you hope to achieve through international sourcing. Your project will be managed locally so you donít have to worry about language barriers, time zone issues, legal differences, or shipping hassles.
  • Local sales and project management support
  • Full-service design and development in U.S.A., Europe, and Brasil
  • Manufacturing locations in U.S.A., Mexico, Brasil, France, and Ireland
  • Manufacturing centers all registered to highest quality standards
  • Expertise in compliance and documentation
Imagine, sourcing internationally without the risk. Contact Filtertek today.


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