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Terms and Conditions

Standard Terms and Conditions:
Acceptance of the attached Purchase order is an expressed agreement to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Minimum Packing List and Product Identification Requirements:

  1. All items or commodities will be identified with the Filtertek Purchase Order Number, the Quantity and the supplier name on the outside of each packing container and packing list.
  2. All raw materials and purchased components will be identified with the Filtertek part number on the outside of each packing container and packing list.
  3. All raw materials and purchased components will be identified with the supplier lot number on the outside of each packing container and packing list.
  4. All raw materials and purchased components will be identified with the quantity per supplier lot number on each packing container and packing list.


Supplier warrants that the product or materials desribed in this order are of the quality and specification stated and shall be free of all defects. All purchases are subject to inspection and rejection. Rejected material will be returned at the supplier's expense.


All items must be delivered on the specified date with a deviation of minus 0 days and plus 5 days permitted for qualification as on-time delivery. In the event of late shipments, the supplier will be responsible for payment of excess or premium freight.

Quantity Shipped:

The tolerance for completed shipment quantities is plus 5% and minus 0% of the quantity ordered. Receipts outside of this range will be considered as excess or short shipments.


All or any part of this order may be cancelled by Filtertek if the shipment is not made by the specified date.


All raw materials and purchased components will be accompanied with material certification and specific data where noted. Certifications will be placed on the outside of each shipment along with the packing list. Certifications will also be faxed to Filtertek at (815)648-4497.


Supplier will be responsible for providing proper packaging to prevent damage during transportation or storage.


Supplier warrants that the goods supplied hereunder and method of manufacture do not infringe or violate any U.S. or foreign laws relative to:

  • Patent, trademark, copyright or Antitrust
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Supplier must identify all environmentally toxic and hazardous materials or processes that these materials were manufactured within existing Federal Environmental Laws. MSDS's must accompany shipments of the materials.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Equal employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws


Filtertek retains the right to verify on the supplier's premises that the processes and materials confirm to the specifications and controls required.


Supplier agrees to hold in confidence all methods, processes, techniques, drawings, plans and information provided to the supplier as a result of this or other orders, negotiations and meetings.

Material Changes:

For raw materials, purchased components, or any material that contacts our finished products the supplier must notify Filtertek in writing and obtain approval before shipping product, of any change in materials, material formulations, manufacturing methods and processes, manufacturing location, subcontractors, and any change which could affect the function, performance, safety or application of the part.


Price increases can only be authorized by Purchasing Manager and require 60 days prior written notice, formal justification, and then formal agreement by Filtertek Inc.


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