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Medical Applications

Adult I.V. Filter

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There are 9 products related to MediPure× I.V. Filters

Product No. Mfg. No. Product Name Description
PP0073670-00-86 PP0073670-00-86 MediPure I.V. Filter 1.2u I.V. filter
PP0075590-00-86 PP0075590-00-86 MediPure I.V. Filter 1.2u I.V. filter
P0073670-00-000 0073670-00-000 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2u I.V. Filter,Tube Ports
P0073670-00-220 0073670-00-220 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2 +Charged I.V. Filter
P0073670-00-230 0073670-00-230 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2u HiFlo Filter, Tube Ports
P0075590-00-000 0075590-00-000 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2u Filter,Socket Ports
P0075590-00-220 0075590-00-220 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2 +Charged I.V. Filter
P0075590-00-230 0075590-00-230 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2 HiFlo,Socket Ports
0068030-00-000 0068030-00-000 Adult I.V. Filter 0.2u Filter

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