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One of Filtertek's greatest strengths is our first-rate technical talent. For more than 40 years, our engineers and product development staff have delivered the kind of cutting-edge technology that leads to major advances in filtration and flow control. This ingenuity is reflected in Filtertek's portfolio of patents. More than 340 issued and pending patents include innovative designs for fuel filters, transmission sump filters, semi-solid product dispensers, check valves, I.V. filters and needle-less access devices.

Design Engineering Expertise:

  • Pro Engineering
  • Unigraphics
  • AutoCad
  • CadKey
  • Design to Print
  • Design to Specification
  • Design to 3-D Environmental Models
  • Mold Flow Analysis
Filtertek does more than just filters. From simple, traditional filters to entire system assembly, Filtertek will find the most seamless program for your unique situation. Some customers want a single component, others need a solution to their complex, international supply chain. Small or large, Filtertek can give you the final product or service needed.

Finished Components:

  • Filtration and Separation Products
  • Valves and Flow Control Products
  • Injection Molded Components and Assemblies
  • Value-added System Assembly
  • Thermoform Packaging
Development Technologies:

  • Technical Insert Injection Molding
  • Pleating of Filter Media
  • Metal Stamping and Forming
  • Molded Hole Technology
  • Exo-Molding
So when it comes to designing a system for your application, our design staff will collaborate with you to understand your product and your objectives. Then they'll combine creativity and expertise to design and develop the ideal solution.


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