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Adult I.V Filters

Filtertek's self-priming Adult I.V. filters are designed to provide the safety, reliability, and efficiency that characterize superior patient care. Available in 0.2,1.2,Hiflo, and positively charged versions. Socket port versions are available for external connection to I.V. tubing.

There are 10 products related to this category.

Product No. Mfg. No. Product Name Description
PP0073670-00-86 PP0073670-00-86 MediPure I.V. Filter 1.2u I.V. filter
PP0075590-00-86 PP0075590-00-86 MediPure I.V. Filter 1.2u I.V. filter
P0073670-00-000 0073670-00-000 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2u I.V. Filter,Tube Ports
P0073670-00-220 0073670-00-220 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2 +Charged I.V. Filter
P0073670-00-230 0073670-00-230 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2u HiFlo Filter, Tube Ports
P0075590-00-000 0075590-00-000 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2u Filter,Socket Ports
P0075590-00-220 0075590-00-220 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2 +Charged I.V. Filter
P0075590-00-230 0075590-00-230 MediPure I.V. Filter 0.2 HiFlo,Socket Ports
0068030-00-000 0068030-00-000 Adult I.V. Filter 0.2u Filter
0068040-00-000 0068040-00-000 Adult I.V. Filter 1.2u Filter
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