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The all-plastic construction of our main sump filters uses Filtertek's patented vibration welding technology to increase durability and product life. Vibration welding produces our NeverleakTM seal that maintains its integrity for the life of the filter.

Traditional plastic/metal filters use dissimilar materials with differing coefficents of expansion. As pressure and temperature vary, the potential for leaking and air ingestion increases. Filtertek's patented design eliminates leaks and air ingestion. The result for your customer is improved reliability, with minimal likelihood of clutch slippage and pump cavitation that can cause excessive noise and wear.

Filtertek uses a variety of non-woven depth filtration media for main sump applications. Our engineers know the trade-offs associated with cost, flow, and dirt holding capacity, and will recommend the most cost-effective design for your application. We'll deliver exactly what's appropriate for your need - whether it's simple non-woven polyester media or a more sophisticated composite construction for maximum filtration performance.

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