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Serving as the last line of defense for the fuel injection system, the fuel injector filter is a component of paramount importance. This component has to be as clean as possible prior to fuel system use, as well as offer superior filtration in the dynamic fuel environment. That is why Filtertek manufacturers our fuel injector filters in a controlled environment for cleanliness - a proactive approach to stringent automotive industry requirements for component cleanliness.

To meet the demands of new, high performance fuel injectors in both diesel and gasoline applications, Filtertek can offer our fuel injector filters with filtration capability down to 40 microns or lower as the application merits. Filtertek also designs our filters to perform well in high pressure and pulsating flow environments by using insert molded brass or stainless steel in filter construction. This provides metal to metal sealing within the injectors to provide material compatibiltiy and ensure similar thermal expansion characteristics.

To safeguard filter integrity, our Product Development staff conducts a multitude of tests for validation including screen adhesion, flow, sediment, and others as appropriate. During manufacturing, our fully automated assembly equipment, with embedded vision system, inspects each and every component to ensure it is made to highest quality levels.


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