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In today's competitive marketplace, you need a partner who can help you accelerate design time without sacrificing product quality. Choose Filtertek, and you'll have access to our broad expertise in filtration, our design and development capabilities, state-of-the-art manufacturing and ongoing technical support.

You'll see results immediately in improved manufacturing, faster development cycles and lower cost. You'll see results down the road in better product reliability, reduced warranty claims and customer satisfaction.

Automotive product design and development

We specialize in PRO-EĈ design and have capabilities in other 3-D CAD design tools.

We can start from your digital files, design our filter into your 3-D environment, then return the files to you for fast turnaround on design approvals. Using three-dimensional CAD for complex designs, we can use your whole environment to integrate filters into the available space.

In addition, Filtertek utilizes the capabilities of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling, which can predict pressure drop and allow for product design optimization early on in the development process.

Experience in automation design

With more than 255,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Filtertek can quickly ramp up for your large-volume projects. To meet your needs, we've developed proprietary, high-speed automated manufacturing systems, as well as automated assembly and inspection processes that ensure only the highest-quality products.

Our extensively trained automation department is staffed not only for the design and development of manufacturing process automation, but for equipment maintenance as well. This experience translates into fast turnaround and consistent quality for even the most intricate filters and fluid control devices.

Tool design and build for custom applications

Our in-house tooling capability speeds prototyping, giving you an early look at physical parts and extra time for product refinements. When you're ready to go into production, we're ready to start on day one. And when we give you a delivery date, you can be sure your product will arrive on time.


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